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Warm, muggy and showery pattern sets up

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — it’s not turning out to be a completely dry weekend. There will continue to be some isolated showers around through this evening. If you see a shower, it should last less than a half hour.

This evening – Partly cloudy with a few isolated showers around. Warm and muggy temperatures in the low 80s.

Below are some threatening clouds over the University of Indianapolis. Warm, humid air and and unstable atmosphere produce these clouds.

Late Sunday afternoon just a few isolated showers in Central Indiana. If one comes by your house the rain will be over in a half hour or less.

FutureCast indicates there may be more isolated showers overnight.

Notice the temperature does not drop much Sunday night. The added humidity keeps us warm and muggy.

Monday, more of the same. Many areas stay dry but it gets warm and muggy with scattered showers.

With this unstable air mass over Indiana, the brief showers can occur about any time of day.

Looks like we are locked into the warm, muggy weather pattern with scattered showers possible through Thursday.


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