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11 billion-dollar disasters have happened in US so far in 2024

Billion-Dollar Disasters 2024

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — 2024 has been off to an active start in the United States.

Through May, there have been 11 separate billion-dollar disasters in the country, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Nine of the 11 disasters were related to severe weather. This past winter, two separate cold waves/winter storms qualified as billion-dollar disasters in the Northwest and in the Mississippi River Valley.

A total 84 fatalities have happened from the billion-dollar disasters this year. Damages have tallied up to $25 billion.

Disasters Involving Indiana in 2024

Indiana had a glancing blow to one of the disasters stretching from Feb. 27-28 with severe weather in the region.

March 14 was a more memorable day for central Indiana with the Selma and Winchester tornadoes happening in eastern Indiana. The March 12-14 severe weather outbreak brought many large hail reports to central parts of the country.

Twelve tornadoes happened in southern Indiana — 13 statewide — on April 2. This was part of a multiday outbreak that produced tornadoes in the Ohio River Valley and points south.

May 6-9 was an extremely active stretch for tornadoes in the country. On May 7, multiple weak tornadoes would impact Rush County. Seven total tornadoes were recorded in central Indiana on this day.

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