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A look back at summer 2022; hot and dry for Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — It was a warm and dry summer across much of central Indiana. While fall officially begins on Sept. 22, here’s a look back at the summer months of June, July and August.

June was a warm and dry month. There were seven days where the mercury climbed to 90 or higher. The average temperature for the month was almost two degrees above normal. It was really difficult to see much rain. Officially in Indianapolis the airport was 3.77″ below normal. This caused drought conditions across much of the state.

July was another warm and dry month in Indianapolis. The temperature climb to 90 degrees or higher nine days during the month. We missed reaching triple digits by just one degree around the holiday weekend. For the month the average temperature was more than two degrees above normal. As for rainfall we still saw a deficit with more than an inch and a quarter below normal.

We rounded out the last month of summer with six 90 degree days in August. The average temperature ended up being right around normal for the month. We finally saw some rain and ended up with a surplus.

We saw 22 days where temperatures were 90 degrees or warmer. The hottest temperature was on July 5th when the mercury climbed to 99 degrees. The average temperature for all three months was 75.8 degrees which makes it the 27th warmest meteorological summer on record in Indianapolis.