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Activities for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — April 22, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Due to COVID-19 many activities are being held virtually.

Earth Day started in the United States in 1970. In 1990 it went global. For more details on the history of Earth Day, click here.

There are a couple of easy things you can do with the kids to teach them a little about our environment. First talk about what materials in your home can be recycled. Go through your home and find what can be reused or recycled. Separate glass jars and plastic bottles.

Another neat activity is to plant some seeds by using an egg carton. All you need to do is take some potting soil, add it to the little containers, put a few seeds in there, cover them up with some more dirt give them a good water and wait for them to sprout.

If you’re using a Styrofoam carton you’ll have to transfer them into the soil once they germinate. If you’re using a cardboard carton you can just add them right to the soil. This is a great opportunity to talk about what is biodegradable and what isn’t.

You can also give the kids a few paper plates, paint and a paint brush and ask them to paint a tree or the Earth. Find items outside like rocks to paint or leaves to use as a craft.