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Does above-average snow in November indicate an active winter ahead?

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Entering Tuesday, the November 2022 snow total was 2.7″ in Indianapolis with all of the snow falling on November 12. There will be a few more chances of snow that could run this total up through the coming days. On average, the month of November only sees 0.8″ of snow.

In the record books, the snowiest Novembers in central Indiana have not necessarily meant snowy winters.

The five snowiest Novembers are listed below for Indianapolis. In the winter months (December to February) that followed, four of the five had below-average snowfall. Records stretch back to 1884 and for this graphic, we used a snowfall average that stretches all the way back to that time period. Of course, the 1991-2020 climate normals have a winter average of 21.2″ of snowfall.

If you are looking ahead for any chances of snow, you can find the latest 8-day forecast by clicking here.