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Drought conditions have returned to northern Indiana this week

Drought conditions have returned to northern Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Since having a well below-normal rainfall early this summer, we have made up a lot of ground in the past few months.

Summer Drought Recap

We were coming off the heels of the 12th driest June on record, with only 1.41 inches of rain recorded in Indy. The northern half of the Hoosier state fell under a severe drought, but we began to make a big turnaround by receiving multiple weather systems every week through the rest of July.

August was moderately wet, so we were able to escape drought conditions all that month, but now it seems things are changing now that we’ve hit September. The problem is we are now starting to dry out again under minimal rainfall amounts over the last few weeks.

Lately, most locations have been lucky to get one or two instances of rain a week, and it hasn’t been heavy, all-day rainfall. This has led to places getting drier slowly but surely, and now, we’re beginning to see moderate drought conditions emerge in the northeastern corner of the state.

Drought Conditions

Drought conditions in late summer can have detrimental effects on Indiana. As moisture levels decline, the state’s agriculture, a vital economic sector, suffers. Crops like corn and soybeans, crucial to Indiana’s farming industry, can experience stunted growth, reduced yields, and even crop failure. Water scarcity also impacts livestock, leading to limited grazing resources and increased feed costs.

Moreover, drought intensifies the risk of wildfires, threatening forests, wildlife habitats, and human settlements. Additionally, reduced water availability can strain public water supplies, leading to water restrictions and potential shortages.

Looking ahead

Looking ahead, we are expecting to see some light rain this weekend but then we’re expecting to be pretty dry thereafter.

Thankfully, we’re not at the time of year when very hot conditions are present, so the ground won’t dry up too fast. To check out a more in-depth forecast, you can read Thursday’s weather blog.