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Indianapolis may set new record highs over next 2 days

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Summer heat has roared back in central Indiana this week.

Indiana has already seen multiple days in the low 90s, but now, Indianapolis will challenge some record highs that have been in place for over 80 years.

Both high-temperature records on Aug. 23 and Aug. 24 were set back in 1936.

Right now, our forecasted high in Indy for Wednesday is 95 degrees, a degree short of the record.

Meanwhile, on Thursday, our forecast of 96 degrees will fall two degrees below the record.

Thursday will likely be the hottest temperature of the year in Indianapolis. Our previous hottest temperature was already recorded this week, on Monday, at 93 degrees.

In 2022, Indianapolis had six days that made it to or eclipsed the 90-degree mark in August, the hottest being 93 degrees on Aug. 3.

Last year as a whole tallied 23 days in the 90s.

As of Tuesday, Indianapolis has seen a total of only 10 days in the 90s.

Indianapolis is not only on the watch for record highs but also record maximum low temperatures as well.

Wednesday night’s warm low temperature record is 77 degrees, hit back in 1936, which will be very close to the forecasted low.

Breaking Thursday night’s low may be more far-fetched, with a record warm low of 80 degrees back in 1872.

A heat wave is defined as three or more days of temperatures hitting the 90-degree mark. As of Tuesday, central Indiana has yet to record a single heat wave in 2023.

Anyone who is tired of the heat and humidity should know hope is on the horizon.

Check out the weather blog for more information on when temperatures should return to normal.