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Insurer: Indiana ranked 15th among states for claims involving frozen pipes

(Photo From Provided Video/State Farm)

(WISH) — Indiana in 2023 ranked 15th among state’s with the most claims involving frozen pipes, an insurance company reported Tuesday.

State Fair released the information Tuesday as Indiana prepared for single-digit temperatures in the Storm Track 8 eight-day forecast.

The insurer’s tips for preventing frozen pipes include insulating pipes; trying heat tape and heat cables; sealing leaks; securing outdoor hoses, valves and faucets; letting water drip; adjusting the thermostat above 55 degrees F; and opening cabinet doors. Details are available on its website, which also has information on what to do if pipes freeze.

A total of 975 claims paid out in Indiana in 2023 totaled over $19.9 million.

Nationally, State Farm says over 32,000 claims related to frozen pipes were filed from August 2022 to August 2023. Paid claims totaled more than $806 million.

Georgia topped State Farms list with $100 million in claims, followed by Illinois, $78.3 million; Tennessee, $61.9 million; Texas, $58.1 million; New York, $45 million; Ohio, $37.5 million; Pennsylvania, $30.7 million; Missouri, $27.5 million; Arkansas, $24.4 million; Colorado, $23.8 million; and Michigan, $21.7 million.