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Latest pollen levels

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Spring allergy season is here. As of Monday, May 2, tree pollen levels are high across Indiana. Tree pollen tends to dominate the spring allergy season. Once we get closer to the month of June, grass pollen will start to get more prevalent. Ragweed appears closer to the end of the summer. Weather plays a factor in how high pollen levels are day to day within in these months.

Pollen levels Monday, May 2, 2022

If you are looking for relief from the pollen, steady rain with small water droplets usually keeps pollen levels lower. There will multiple chances of rain this week.

High pollen levels typically occur on dry, breezy days. This results in more pollen getting blown into the air. May is one of the breeziest months within late spring to summer. Also considering the tree pollen and early onset of grass pollen, May tends to be a tough month for allergies.

Although pollen levels been high to open the month of May, we are in for a break Tuesday with the steady rain.