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Lyrid meteor showers peak Tuesday night

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The first meteor shower of the spring will fully come into view Tuesday night across the world with the annual Lyrid’s, which happen around mid-to-late April and peak Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning.

The meteor shower originates from Comet Thatcher. As the Earth’s orbit crosses through the debris field of the comet, particles burn up in our atmosphere, creating “shooting stars,” or meteors.

If you are away from city lights, you should can see around 10 to possibly 20 meteors per hour. Viewing will be added with minimal moonlight Tuesday night.

Look to the northeast sky tonight, anytime from 9-10 p.m. Peak viewing is when the bright star Vega is high above the horizon, which will happen in the overnight hours.

According to EarthSky, the Lyrid’s are one of the oldest documented meteor showers, with visual recorded meteors dating back almost 2,500 years.