Storm Track 8’s Randy Ollis on winter weather folklore

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Long before weather models, and apps, many people looked to weather folklore for a hint of what may hit for the winter weather season.

While this isn’t a highly accurate way to forecast the winter season, it is fun to see what some some of the legends point to for the seasonal forecast.

The wollybear, or woolly worm, forecast is one of the most popular. The theory is, the thicker the black bands on the catiplillar, the harsher the winter. On the other hand, the more orange on the woolly warm, the milder the temperatures for the winter season. Most woolly worms that we have seen have a bit of orange in them, meaning possibly a milder winter.

Leaves can sometimes point to our winter forecast. Folkore says when leaves fall while still green or when the color change is early, the winter will be mild.

Another popular method is splitting persimmon seeds. Legend has it that when you split a seed, it’s either in the shape of a spoon, knife, or fork. A spoon would forecast a lot of shoveling for the winter. A knife means “cutting” cold, and a fork represents a near normal, or even a milder winter. From some of the pictures we have seen from viewers, this year could be a snowy one, with many of the seeds showing a “spoon” shape.

Like apples? You can look to the skin for a possible forecast. The thicker the skin, the colder the winter.

Here’s an interesting one. What was the weather on October 9th? That may tell you what’s ahead for the winter season. Folklore says if the weather on october 9th was sunny, the following winter will be very cold. In case you were wondering, October 9th this year was a beautiful sunny day.

Nobody likes weeds. And if you hate lots of snow, you may hate tall weeds. Folklore says the taller the summer weeds, the deeper the snow will be through the winter.

Finally, another fruit related fun folklore is about the Hedge Apple. If hedge apples fall late or if there are more hedge apples compared to normal years, a cold and snowy winter will follow.

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