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Phoenix sets scorching record for hottest month ever in a U.S. city

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — During the course of late June through late July, a historic and blazing heat wave overtook the southern and southwestern United States.

Throughout July, Phoenix wound up posting consistently torrid numbers that led way to an average temperature of 102.7 degrees for the month. This is now the hottest month ever recorded for a city in the United States. It also shattered the old July hottest average temperature record for Phoenix in general by a whopping 3.8 degrees.

Another important statistic to mention is that Phoenix had a 30-day streak of highs over 110. This was also a record that was broken in which the old streak was 18 days in June 1974. This record breaking streak spanned from June 30 to July 29.

The old national record was set in July 1996 in Lake Havasu City, AZ with an average temperature of 102.2 for that month. To beat out that kind of record by a half degree is astounding considering it takes a dreadful prolonged wave of hot air to cause that type of occurrence.

To break down these stats even further, the average high temperature was 114.7 degrees. This included three instances of tying the fourth hottest day in Phoenix history with a high of 119.

Overnight lows were also on the hot side with the average low temperature being 90.8, and one night in particular only got down to 97.

To compare to what Phoenix typically sees in July with its average temperature, this specific month averages out to a temperature of 95.7 degrees. The average high temperature in July is a hot 106.5, but what July 2023 showcased in comparison to that was another level of insanity.

Overnight lows average out to 84.5 degrees for July, but in July 2023, only two nights went below that number.