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Ring of fire solar eclipse partially visible in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH)–The annular solar eclipse will be partially visible in Indianapolis early Thursday morning.

The maximum eclipse will happen before daybreak but if the skies clear early enough we may be able to see part of the moon moving across the sun.

A solar eclipse happens when the moon passes in front of the sun. This one is called an annular solar eclipse and is a little different than a total solar eclipse. In the path of maximum totality an annular solar eclipse, the moon won’t completely block the sun and will leave a “ring of fire” visible. Annular eclipses happen when the moon is near its apogee or farthest point from the Earth. The moon appears smaller than the sun and doesn’t block the entire solar disk.

Sunrise in Indianapolis is 6:17am and while much of the eclipse will happen before the sun rises there is a short window we will have to view this partial eclipse. The maximum eclipse in Indianapolis will be between 6:19am and 6:35am. It’s going to look like the moon is taking a bite out of the sun.

Be sure to never look directly at the sun as it will cause damage to your eyes. You can use a pair of solar glasses or you can make a homemade eclipse viewer.

The best view of the solar eclipse will be in parts of Canada.

In case we have too much cloud cover or you miss this one there’s another chance in three years. A total solar eclipse will be visible here in Indianapolis on April 8, 2024. This is where the moon will completely cover the sun and Indianapolis is in the best path for full visibility.


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