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Saharan dust impacting Indiana this weekend

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Dust from the Sahara usually impacts the United States once or twice a year. However this latest wave will be a little more intense.

Right now the Saharan dust is moving across the Atlantic and is now in parts of the Caribbean.

During the next few days this dust will continue to move northward into the Gulf of Mexico. States along the Gulf will be impacted first.

By the weekend the dust will continue to move northward and impact the Indianapolis area by Saturday afternoon and continue into the weekend.

The dust will create a milky looking sky at times during the day. It will bring poor air quality to the area. Those who are sensitive to air quality or those who have respiratory conditions may experience issues. With the dust around the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean tropical development will be limited. Be on the look out for vivid sunsets and sunrises. The dust particles in the atmosphere will cause light to be scattered. This will result in vibrant colors as the sun sets and rises.