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Stay safe from floodwaters this severe weather season

Stay safe from floodwaters this severe weather season

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Rising floodwaters can happen in a flash.

“You don’t want to drive through floodwaters you never really know what’s underneath the water,” said Hamilton County Executive Director of Emergency Management Shane Booker. “You don’t want to leave the vehicle because if the water is strong enough to move the vehicle off of the roadway then you want to stay in the vehicle, you’ll also want to call 911 right away.”

Quickly rising water can cover roadways and trap drivers in their cars. It only takes about six inches of water to move a car away and two feet of water to sweep away a SUV.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention lists more than half of flood-related deaths are a direct result of people driving into high water. The second leading cause: people walking out into floodwaters.

Safety officials recommend you keep a close eye for ponding and high water, and avoid areas that you know tend to flood during heavy rain. When the forecast calls for downpours, have an alternate route in mind, or adjust your travel schedule.

“If they see that the heavy rain is starting to cause problems on the roadway they can either work from home or stay a little bit later in the office to stay off the roadways so that water can recede,” said Booker.

Your phone can also be a lifesaver with alerts made accessible through our all new Storm Track 8 app.

“So always making sure you’re listening to your local news station or radio station or you have your phone keyed up to where you can get the weather alerts,” said Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Commander Tom Sellas.

Just like in the winter you can stay prepared by planning a safety kit for your vehicle that includes blankets, food, and even a life jacket.