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Tropical activity in the Atlantic could start picking up soon

Photo provided by the WISH-TV weather team

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — We are already halfway through August and have yet to see an active Atlantic in terms of tropical system activity.

This is no surprise as we are not in the peak of hurricane season at this time. However, there are a few chances for some development over the next week in various locations.

Just within the last two days, the National Hurricane Center has highlighted an area of interest in the Gulf of Mexico. They mentioned that there is a broad area of low pressure that could form and slowly develop as it moves westward towards the western Gulf of Mexico coastline.

Although they only gave it a 30% chance of development through the next seven days, it will be interesting to see if something does get going.

Why is it interesting to say the least? It must be remembered that the Gulf of Mexico is running hotter than usual with sea surface temperatures over 90 degrees.

Meanwhile, there are two other areas of disturbances near and west of the Cabo Verde Islands close to Africa. Both of these systems have a 60% chance of development over the next week.

Up to this point, there has not been any additional named storms in the Atlantic since late July. The next name in line should one of the three systems develop further is Emily.

Activity on average is on the higher side as we transition towards late August, but as previously mentioned, there hasn’t been much in the last couple of weeks. Nonetheless, the Atlantic could be starting to wake up.

One final note to mention, NOAA revised their Atlantic hurricane season outlook a few days ago and is calling for an above average season. More on that can be read here from a story our very own Meteorologist Ryan Morse did regarding that piece of news back on Monday: NOAA now calling for an above-normal hurricane season in revised outlook