Chef Oya Woodruff and Demian Hostetter talk Ramp Fest 2024

Focus on Food: Setting up for Ramp Fest 2024

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — WISH-TV is committed to focusing on family and the community. That includes working to make sure every family has the resources to access healthy and tasty food.

Chef Oya Woodruff and Demian Hostetter, president of the Ramp Fest 2024 organizing committee, stopped by Daybreak on Thursday to talk about the upcoming event.

Ramp Fest is an event where some of the best chefs in the area can come together under one space and showcase their culinary excellence; while celebrating community, justice, education, and sustainability. This year’s event is hosted in collaboration with Bluebeard.

“We are celebrating our communities and diversity in our culture by working with a couple of different not for profits,” Hostetter said.

For a ticket price of $100, attendees will have the opportunity to savor small bite dishes prepared by the area’s top chefs. Part of the ticket proceeds will go toward the Greg Hardesty Scholarship, ACLU Indiana, and Flanner House.

One of the participants is Chef Oya Woodruff of Chef Oya’s The TRAP. One of the tasty treats she’s preparing for attendees is her personalized version of “Spanakopita”.” She prepared it for News 8’s Jeremy Jenkins on the 9 a.m. hour of Daybreak.

“I can’t really call it ‘Spanakopita”’ because it doesn’t have spinach in it. I have right here, some sautéed collards and our beautiful ramps that we’re highlighting for Ramp Fest and some other aromatics and seasoning,” Woodruff said.

Other ingredients include feta, sautéed collard greens, and Woodruff’s signature ingredient.

“It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t add any seafood,” Woodruff said as she mixed crab into the bowl.

Other participants of Ramp Fest 2024 include:

  • Michael Conley, Kan-Kan Cinema & Restaurant 
  • Brady Foster, Foster’s Catering/World Championship of Food 
  • Erin Kem, Nicole Taylor’s Pasta + Market + Backroom Eatery
  • Samir Mohammad & Rachel Firestone Mohammad, 9th Street Bistro
  • Becky Hostetter, formerly of Duos Indy 
  • Tawanna Gulley, Healthy Soul Cafe
  • Tanorria Askew, Tanorria’s Table
  • Brittany Baxter, Eat Surreal
  • Paul Dickens, Paul’s Kitchen
  • Esteban Rosas & Gabriel Sanudo, Julietta Taco Shop 
  • Youssef Boudarine, Bluebeard + J’adore Pastry
  • Josh & Julie Baker, The Open Fire
  • Alan Sternberg, Bluebeard
  • Chris Benedyk, Love Handle 
  • Whitney Barnett, Positive Foodie Vibes 
  • Lindsey Nowlin & Lauren Warfield, The Model Chef
  • Erin Oechsle, Area 31 Career Center – Culinary Instructor

This year’s event, hosted in collaboration with Bluebeard, is Sunday, April 21, from noon – 4 p.m. at Kan-Kan Cinema & Restaurant, 1258 Windsor St. in Indianapolis.

To learn more or buy tickets, click here.