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WISH-TV and the News 8 brand deliver the latest breaking news information and alert you and your family to issues impacting your life. WISH-TV’s I-Team 8 investigations are uncovering who’s doing wrong and getting laws changed to help better protect your family. Whether the skies are blue, or storm clouds are near, you can trust the accuracy and reliability of WISH-TV’s Storm Track 8, whose meteorologists are tracking weather data and delivering you a more accurate and up-to-the-minute forecast so you can make the right decisions for your family. WISH-TV is a proud affiliate of The CW network.

1950 N. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN 46202

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Main Phone: 317-923-8888

Mailbag: 317-923-8888

News Hotline: 317-931-2222

TV Sales: 317-956-8519

WISHTV.com Sales: 317-874-0309

Fax – News: 317-931-2242

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Public File: Peggy McClelland – 317-956-8527

About Our Ownership

WISH-TV is owned by Circle City Broadcasting. Along with WISH-TV, Circle City owns and operates MyINDY-TV 23, which provides around-the-clock entertainment, sports and local interest programming to Central Indiana viewers.

Closed Captioning Problems

Please note that the below phone, fax and email addresses are for issues with closed captioning only! Individuals with disabilities may contact the captioning hotline or speak with our station representative for assistance with the public inspection file.


Phone: 317-923-8888
Fax: 317-931-4488
E-mail: caption@wishtv.com


Phone: 317-923-8888
Fax: 317-931-4488
E-mail: caption@wishtv.com

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