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President and co-founder of The Code 9 Project, Brandielee Baker, joined us on Friday’s All Indiana!

Baker brings valuable insights as she discussed the organization’s mission and the crucial support it provides for first responders and veterans dealing with PTSD and suicide prevention.

The Code 9 Project stands out by offering a range of resources, including tips and guidance, to ensure that no individual in these professions has to face mental health challenges alone.

Their dedication is evident through the availability of a national helpline, accessible 24/7 to all frontline workers, first responders, and veterans.

As we recognize June as PTSD Awareness Month, it is essential to visit their website at to access these vital resources and contribute to spreading awareness about the importance of mental health support in these communities.

Looking for something to help cool you down from the summer heat?

On All Indiana today, Liz Berg of That Skinny Chick Can Bake visited the show to discuss Greater’s Ice Cream and their most popular flavors.

During the discussion over their ice cream flavors, Cody and Alexis were able to try out the tasty flavors themselves.

Interested in trying new recipes? Check out what Liz cooks next,

In June, we celebrate National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month!

To honor this month of observance, co-founder of Market Wagon and owner of Mud Creek Farm Nick Carter joins Alexis and Cody to talk all things fresh food!

Nick Carter grew up in rural Indiana, so he always had a love for farming. After marrying his wife Kendra and having three children, Nick was ready to start his own family farm. They moved to their current homestead in 2018, and have since converted the empty plot into a productive farm!

Market Wagon is an online farmer’s market that is making grocery shopping more innovative. Starting in Indianapolis back in 2016, the service now operates local food delivery hubs across the Midwest. They’re committed to allowing food producers to thrive in their local markets through consumer-friendly shopping and delivery services. The online market features fresh fruits, veggies, herbs, desserts, and more that come from local vendors across central Indiana!

With weekly deliveries every Thursday, Market Wagon is committed to keeping pantries fresh and stocked for Hoosiers! If you’re interested in shopping from Nick and his family’s farm, Mud Creek Farm appears on the site!

When it comes to your child, every new skill and achievement is a milestone. Milestones mean our kids are growing up, but sometimes they come without warning and leave parents a tad breathless.

Today on Kid-ing with Kayla, Kayla shares her son’s newest achievement. He can swing all by himself! Though she wants to celebrate and be proud of her boy, Kayla feels that he’s growing up too fast! What’s next… MARRIAGE?!

Join Kayla as she tries to decide whether or not she is grateful that she doesn’t have to push the swing anymore!

Ah, the mood SWINGS of parenting.

Today on Hammer and Nigel, the duo discussed a man losing 58 pounds strictly from eating McDonald’s

Nashville, Tennessee native Kevin Maginnis went on an “All McDonald’s” and died for 100 days.

“Never got burnt out on it. People ask, ‘What’s the first meal gonna be on day 101?’ and the answer is I’ll probably have a Big Mac for lunch. But I will have a filet mignon for dinner,” Maginnis states when asked how he powered through eating the infamous fast food for 100 days.

They also discussed the buzz about Tom Brady still being retired.

The former New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback announced his retirement from the NFL in February after 23 seasons.

While speaking to Sports Illustrated, the 45-year-old Brady said he’s certain he will not play football again.

“I’m certain I’m not playing again, so I’ve tried to make that clear, and I hate to continue to profess that cause I’ve already told people that lots of times,” Brady said in response to a question on fans and media creating various scenarios where Brady decides to play again.

Brady said he’s now focused on starting his role as a broadcaster for Fox Sports and the opportunity ahead with Las Vegas Aces.

Brady also added that he will spend more time with his children during retirement.

Tune in on Hammer and Nigel to hear if these topics are worth anything. You won’t believe your ears.

Successful women are Indy bound for the fourth-annual Boss Babe Brunch!

Founded by Indianapolis native Mariah Oliver, the Boss Babe Network (BBN) keeps the busy workwoman in mind. While finishing her master’s degree at IUPUI, Oliver wanted to get more involved in her community. However, she felt that didn’t belong in the rooms she found herself in.

After realizing that other women have trouble connecting, Mariah created the BBN in November of 2020.

She founded the BBN on three pillars: Shopping, learning, and connecting. The shopping pillar consists of highlighting local and woman-owned businesses and entrepreneurs. Oliver incorporates the learning pillar by contracting women to lead professional development workshops, write blog contributions, and provide other skill-building resources.

The BBN operates on its connecting pillar by hosting networking events year-round, allowing women to build relationships in an atmosphere where they belong.

The largest event for the BBN is the Boss Babe Brunch here in Indianapolis! On June 4th, over 275+ women will convene at the Vision Loft Stutz for a day of networking and women empowerment! Influential women from around the city, including Senator Andrea Hunley, will speak at the event. The event includes career-building conversations, business promotion, and good food!

Also, the brunch will feature bottomless mimosas, a catered brunch, and “Very Boss” gift bags!

If you’re interested in attending, tickets are available here! However, you better act fast, the event is nearly sold-out!

Bath time is supposed to be a relaxing evening for your child to wind down and prepare for their next adventurous day. However, parents can understand how difficult that may be.

Luckily, Kid-ing with Kayla has come to the rescue!

Today, Kayla shared her insight on the daily ritual of bathing your child, while also sharing a few tips on how to make bath time enjoyable for you and your child.

Want to stay in the loop to receive any new parenting tips? Follow Kayla on TikTok or visit “Kid-ing with Kayla” on

Hold on to your taste buds, folks, because the World Famous Hotboys are coming to town!

Get ready for a sizzling sensation that will ignite your cravings like never before.

While we don’t have the guest names and item menus just yet, rest assured that this culinary extravaganza will be one for the record books.

The anticipation is heating up, and we can’t wait to update Lisa Reece with all the mouthwatering details as soon as they’re reported.

Get your appetite ready, because the World Famous Hotboys are about to bring the heat!

ATLANTA, IND. (WISH)– In Atlanta, Indiana, Kurt Fehrenbach is teaching people how to forge their own way, literally.

“People kept asking for it, and I taught a class and they wouldn’t quit. This has been going on four years. I just throw challenges at them every week, and they make something,” said Fehrenbach.

Kurt started manipulating metal at just ten years old. More than five decades later, he still loves it just as much. “The excitement is working the hot metal and accomplishing something. And your next project is always a little more challenging, more challenging, and you’re never done learning,” said Fehrenbach.

His shop on a Thursday night is full of the next crop of blacksmiths soaking up every bit of information they can.

His youngest students are just 10 years old. “Just having to work hard and having that sense of fulfillment at the end of the day,” said Noah Hickman.

“I just like hitting stuff with a hammer,” said Arlo Richardson.

In a time when kids spend more time forging forts in video games, they’re learning a trade that isn’t as common as it once was.

“Blacksmithing is fun. More fun than sitting at the house playing video games,” said Hickman.

“You can put your own mark onto it and make it whatever you want,” said Richardson.

Kurt says it brings him joy to see a younger generation learning to strike the iron while it’s hot.

“I’m passing the trade on. You know, I won’t be here forever. The young ones will be here a long time, and this will help pass it down the line to other people and keep it alive,” said Fehrenbach.

The kids have a plan for their new found skills. “It’s something I want to make a career out of, it’s Kurt’s career, so,” said Hickman.

“It’s a great life, it’s rewarding just by the satisfaction of making something, it’s rewarding seeing these guys learn, I can’t think of anything else to do,” said Fehrenbach.

There’s a new way to enjoy the natural beauty of Indianapolis this summer… Paddlesports!

The Parks Alliance of Indianapolis is partnering with Frank’s Paddlesports Livery to bring water adventures to Indy’s parks! Adventure seekers in Central Indiana will be able to rent kayaks, canoes, and paddleboards to experience Indy’s parks in a new light.

Frank’s Paddlesport Livery offers boat rentals, as well as guided adventures along the White River. With four different water vessels to choose from, the whole family can find a way to get involved with Paddlesports this summer. Whether it’s kayaking, canoeing, or paddleboarding, Frank’s has you covered!

Frank’s also offers two “trips” for patrons to take through Indy’s waterways. For novices, the Where Nature Meets the City, a 4-mile trip from Rocky Ripple to Riverside, would be the perfect excursion.

For more experienced river-goers, The White River Playground, a 7-mile trip from Broad Ripple to Riverside, may provide enough thrill to satisfy that craving for exploration.

Through partnering with The Parks Alliance of Indianapolis and other nature-oriented groups in central Indiana, Frank’s has been able to provide outdoor experiences while promoting conservation and environmental sustainability efforts.

Guests David O’Rourke from The Parks Alliance and Peter Bloomquist with Frank’s put on an energetic display for us outside/in the back lot of WISH-TV studios.