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November 30, 2023: Overnight fire leads to balcony jumps

November 30, 2023
ALSO: Henry Kissinger dies... Purdue football player earns high honor

November 29, 2023: Plow drivers hit the streets

November 29, 2023
ALSO: Gaza truce may extend again... Pacers add Monday home game

November 28, 2023: Broad Ripple shooting wounds guard

November 28, 2023
ALSO: Ceasefire extends to fifth day... Purdue reclaims #1

November 27, 2023: Crash kills local high school student

November 27, 2023
ALSO: Middle East ceasefire may extend... Colts pick up key victory

November 23, 2023: New arrest connected to Delphi double murder case

November 23, 2023
ALSO: Shelby County plane crash kills one... Purdue wins title, likely #1

November 22, 2023: Hatchet fight hurts two downtown

November 22, 2023
ALSO: Overnight ceasefire agreement in Middle East... Pacers make history

November 21, 2023: Firefighter hurt in morning blaze

November 21, 2023
ALSO: Navy plane lands on water... Big wins for the state's big schools

November 20, 2023: Tragedy after Indiana Toddler finds gun

November 20, 2023
ALSO: Services are set for Rosalynn Carter... College football Top 5 sees shakeup

November 17, 2023: Local library rescinds controversial policy

November 17, 2023
ALSO: Fire danger to stay high after rain... double dose of baseball history

November 16, 2023: Tunnel collapse rescue reaches critical moment

November 16, 2023
ALSO: Indianapolis shooting kills child.... former Indianapolis Indian lands Cy Young

November 15, 2023: Body cams show police shootings

November 15, 2023
ALSO: Israeli forces enter Gaza hospital... Netflix sports debut ends in 'Oops'

November 14, 2023: Adult charges in Grand Park gunfire

November 14, 2023
ALSO: Secret Service agent fires shots... Boilers pass first tough test

November 13, 2023: IU Police credit bystanders after attack

November 13, 2023
ALSO: GOP hopeful suspends campaign... Colts fly home victorious

November 10, 2023: Manchin move could flip the Senate

November 10, 2023
ALSO: City faces new lawsuit... Famed moon mission commander dies

November 9, 2023: Lilly lands major new approval

November 09, 2023
ALSO: Charges in Grand Park gunfire... Picket lines end in Hollywood

November 8, 2023: New Mayors to lead several Indiana cities

November 08, 2023
ALSO: October sets heat record... Baseball celebrates shorter games

November 7, 2023: Historic win for Pacers

November 07, 2023
ALSO: Election Day is here... more Delphi courtroom drama

November 6, 2023: Mideast tension leads to Indianapolis Crash

November 06, 2023
ALSO: Labor deals reveal Big Three future models... Colts revel in win ahead of packing their bags

November 2, 2023: Knight memorial grows at IU

November 02, 2023
ALSO: Braun lands Trump endorsement... Rangers win World Series

November 1, 2023: Coach who jilted the Colts gets a pink slip

November 01, 2023
ALSO: Judge changes Delhi defense team... Trump children start testimony today

October 31, 2023: Indiana communities celebrate UAW deals

October 31, 2023
ALSO: Maui police release fire video... Texas Rangers keep winning on the road

October 30. 2023: IMPD releases mass shooting ages

October 30, 2023
ALSO: UAW focuses on GM alone... reeling Colts head toward hopeful matchup

October 27, 2023: Fast food shootout leaves man dead, officer wounded

October 27, 2023
ALSO: American fighter jets strike Syria... Pacers coach inks new deal

October 26, 2023: Mass manhunt in Maine

October 26, 2023
ALSO: Ford reaches a deal... Pacers open with franchise record

October 25, 2023: Two new police shootings

October 25, 2023
ALSO: Speaker vote set for noon... Irsay: NFL admits an 'oops'

October 24, 2023: “Superfog” leads to deadly wrecks

October 24, 2023
ALSO: Indianapolis Mayoral candidates spar over police, 2020 riots... Rangers win their way to the World Series

October 23, 2023: Arrest, likely charges for budding IU basketball star

October 23, 2023
ALSO: Son of police chief accused of shooting officers... Colts fall one point short

October 20, 2023: Two overnight crashes kill people crossing streets

October 20, 2023
ALSO: Representatives report death threats... NOAA predicts warmer, drier winter

October 19, 2023: No new trial in Jill Behrman case

October 19, 2023
ALSO: Jim Jordan declines to step aside... WNBA champs go back-to-back

October 18, 2023: Cameras in court for Delphi hearing

October 18, 2023
ALSO: Jordan's speaker bid hit shaky ground... Colt loses games for breaking league rules

October 17, 2023: Biden books flight for Israel

October 17, 2023
ALSO: Indianapolis budget gets OK... Pacers pick up preseason win

October 16, 2023: Major drug store chain goes bankrupt

October 16, 2023
ALSO: Man wounded in police shooting now under arrest... Suzanne Somers loses long cancer fight

October 13, 2023: Arrest after dueling demonstrations downtown

October 13, 2023
ALSO: More chaos than calm in Congress... Lexi Thompson tries for history

October 12, 2023: Missing former Colt found and arrested

October 12, 2023
ALSO: Israel prepares ground invasion... Speaker selection moves to next step

October 11, 2023: Beloved Olympian in dire health crisis

October 11, 2023
ALSO: Early voting starts... Israel signals ground offensive

October 10, 2023: Biden to speak to nation today

October 10, 2023
ALSO: House Speaker struggle gets new twist... Kicking the Stigma lands musical jolt

October 09, 2023: Israel declares war

October 09, 2023
ALSO: 15-year-old accused in double shooting... Colts win game, lose QB

October 6, 2023: Indianapolis goes Bananas for baseball… again

October 06, 2023
ALSO: Arrest in Broad Ripple shooting... Momo goes to the Zoo

October 5, 2023: Beer-drinking monkey on the lam

October 05, 2023
ALSO: Biden OK's beefed-up border... clean sweeps in Wild Card round

October 4, 2023: A historic vote in Congress ousts one of its own

October 04, 2023
ALSO: A mass shooting at a university in Baltimore halts homecoming celebrations and a popular rivalry is back on the courts.

October 3,2023: A new poll debuts for Mayor of Indianapolis

October 03, 2023
ALSO: Millions of Americans have long covid and Aliyah Boston is the WNBA's rookie of the year

October 2, 2023: Two Indianapolis police officers are due in court today

October 02, 2023
ALSO: IMPD releases new homicide data.... and the Colts fall at home to the Rams.

September 29, 2023: New deadly shooting by police

September 29, 2023
ALSO: Services at the statehouse... Major move for NASCAR at the Speedway

September 28, 2023: Accused murder recaptured

September 28, 2023
ALSO: House starts impeachment proceedings... bizarre baseball party

September 27, 2023: Car leads chase then causes deadly crash

September 27, 2023
ALSO: Writers return to scripts overnight... Baseball loses its most sure-handed star

September 26, 2023: Breaking up Brickyard weekend

September 26, 2023
ALSO: Police crack deadly hit-and-run... Flamingoes get a leg up on Lake Michigan

September 25, 2023: Major breakthrough in writer’s srike

September 25, 2023
ALSO: Asteroid sample lands safely... Colts kicker sets all-time record

Sepember 22, 2023: Cash for capture

September 22, 2023
ALSO: Strikes to expand... Pivotal practice for Colts QB

September 21, 2023: Woman accused of helping missing murder suspect hide

September 21, 2023
ALSO: Human authors strike back at AI... Soccer's biggest star is hurting

September 20, 2023: Baby girl wounded in Indianapolis motel stabbing

September 20, 2023
ALSO: Candidate for Governor sues to be on the ballot... Indiana Golf drives toward a new home

September 19,2023: The United Auto Workers strike enters day 5

September 19, 2023
ALSO: Senator Todd Young weighs in on the strike and a house fire kills an elderly man on the city's northeast side.

September 18,2023: It’s victory Monday for the Indianapolis Colts

September 18, 2023
ALSO: Auto workers start negotiations again and health experts issue a new warning about fentanyl.

September 15, 2023: Auto workers start striking

September 15, 2023
ALSO: Judge faces key Delphi decision... mixed Colts injury news

September 14, 2023: Downtown fire forces 200 out

September 14, 2023
ALSO: Deadline day is here for Big Three... Colts QB is in tune with teammates

September 13, 2023: “For Sale” sign on Monument Circle

September 13, 2023
ALSO: Hamilton Southeastern makes change at the top... Taylor Swift sweeps the VMAs

September 12, 2023: A tire kills a woman on an Indiana interstate

September 12, 2023
ALSO: A Patriot day tradition continues and the death toll from the devastating Moroccan earthquake climbs.

September 11, 2023: A National Day of Remembrance & Mourning

September 11, 2023
ALSO: The Indianapolis Colts fall to the Jacksonville Jaguars in the season opener and Coco Gauff makes history at the U.S. Open.

September 8, 2023: Woman uses pepper spray against Carmel police

September 08, 2023
ALSO:Cave rescue effort reaches American in Turkish cave... Protestor with sticky feet halts U.S. Open

September 7, 2023: Carmel Police nab accused Alabama killer

September 07, 2023
ALSO: Prosecutors resume case against Hunter Biden... Springsteen scotches September shows

September 6, 2023: Police cruiser crashes

September 06, 2023
ALSO: Proud Boys leader gets longest January 6th sentence... IndyCar silly season starts early

September 5, 2023: Driver goes 150+ fleeing State Trooper

September 05, 2023
Also: First Lady tests positive for COVID-19... Familiar faces dominate the races

September 4, 2023: An arrest is made in a deadly double shooting near Marian University

September 04, 2023
ALSO: Thousands of people are stuck at the Burning Man Festival and the new covid variant may be less contagious than originally thought.

September 1, 2023: Muncie shooting explained

September 01, 2023
ALSO: Proud Bots get long January 6th sentences... Atlanta brave slugs and steals his way into history

August 31, 2023: North Korea rehearses nuclear war

August 31, 2023
ALSO: Menards shootout leaves 2 dead... Hunters grab record-breaking alligator

August 30, 2023: Evacuations start in Florida

August 30, 2023
ALSO: Jill Biden to arrive in Indiana... A roster spot the entire NFL can celebrate

August 29, 2023: Task Force One comes home

August 29, 2023
ALSO: Neighbors describe final hours of man with machete... fans knock major league star to the ground

August 28, 2023: Police shoot machete-wielding man

August 28, 2023
ALSO: Troopers search for road rage shooter... Little League World Series comes to storybook close

August 25, 2023: Library leaders pause controversial policy

August 25, 2023
ALSO: Lawsuits start in Maui fire... Colts close out preseason with win

August 24, 2023: Summer scorcher hits peak today

August 24, 2023
ALSO: Crash critically injures Clinton County dispatcher... Major move from IndyCar star

August 23, 2023: Donnybrook halts Colts/Eagles practice early

August 23, 2023
ALSO: IMPD releases video of shooting by officer... Republican hopefuls debate tonight

August 21, 2023: Dangerous air settles in

August 21, 2023
ALSO: Historic storm swamps Southern California... Colts head east

August 18, 2023: Early morning flight west for Task Force One

August 18, 2023
ALSO: Maui's emergency manager quits... Pacers put out season schedule

August 17, 2023: Colts get company at training camp

August 17, 2023
ALSO: Dozens from Indiana heading to Hawaii... Minnesota town loses all of its police officers

August 16, 2023: Indiana city shutters gas stations

August 16, 2023
ALSO: North Korea comments on AWOL American... Colts end any QB controversy

August 15, 2023: Racketeering charges for former President Trump

August 15, 2023
ALSO: Indianapolis mayor lays out spending plan... Peyton Manning lands new job

August 14, 2023: Task Force One sends two to Hawaii

August 14, 2023
ALSO: Louisville schools out until Wednesday... Brickyard mints a new champ

August 11, 2023: Maui’s pain deepens

August 11, 2023
ALSO: Beech Grove nightspot gets an ultimatum... Taylor Swift sales start today

August 10, 2023: Wildfire death toll rises sharply in Hawai’i

August 10, 2023
ALSO: Local library kerfuffle draws national attention... New Phillie twirls a gem

August 9, 2023: Lilly stock soars to new high

August 09, 2023
ALSO: Ohio rejects new rules... One ticket hits the Mega Millions jackpot

August 8, 2023: Mike Pence makes the debate

August 08, 2023
ALSO: One funnel or two? And a baseball brawl leads to suspensions

August 7, 2023: Services start for Johnson County Deputy

August 07, 2023
ALSO: Mega Millions reaches record... NASCAR to run rare Monday laps

August 4, 2023: Darkness halts Hall of Fame game

August 04, 2023
ALSO: Indiana Deputy critically hurt... Taylor Swift books Indianapolis shows

August 3, 2023: Indy 500 pioneer earns NASCAR honor

August 03, 2023
ALSO: 50,000 gamers arrive in Indianapolis... Trump due in court today

August 2, 2023: Arrest in Muncie mass shooting

August 02, 2023
ALSO: Mixed GOP reaction for Trump indictment... Astro twirls gem

July 31, 2023: IPS goes back to class

July 31, 2023
ALSO: Mike Pence is on the clock... Colts first full-pad workout

July 28, 2023: Scorching start to State Fair

July 28, 2023
ALSO: Tick spit meat allergy soars... Colts draw a full house

July 27, 2023: Sentencing set (again) for Kegan Kline

July 27, 2023
ALSO: Missing teen turns up 4 years later... U.S. Women scramble for World Cup draw

July 26, 2023: The school year starts

July 26, 2023
ALSO: Hundreds hustle to save stranded whales... UIndy star calls Hall visit "pretty awesome"

June 25, 2023: Obama chef drowns near former President’s home

July 25, 2023
ALSO: Dogs & drones help find missing Indiana child... Colts start training camp with new deal for the new QB

July 24, 2023: Indiana researcher killed in Alaska crash

July 24, 2023
ALSO: "Barbenheimer' makes history... Iowa tightens up IndyCar

June 21, 2023: Colts to wear black

July 21, 2023
ALSO: Quick arrest in downtown shooting... Commanders to sell for $6,000,000,000

July 20, 2023: 2-state police chase into Indiana ends in gunfire

July 20, 2023
ALSO: Tornado scatters tens of thousands of medicine doses... Pacers' top pick has surgery

July 19, 2023: Semi critically injures I-69 mower

July 19, 2023
ALSO: American in North Korea faced discipline back home... Frustration for former Indy 500 champ

July 18, 2023: Powerball pushes past $1,000,000,000

July 18, 2023
ALSO: Damaged Indiana landmark ready to welcome visitors again... Phoenix poised to shatter a scorching record

July 17, 2023: Downtown funeral for fallen Deputy

July 17, 2023
ALSO: Search for mass shooter ends in gunfire... IndyCar star celebrates win with a shave

July 14, 2023: Police dog shot on duty

July 14, 2023
ALSO: Hollywood comes to a halt... baseball's audience slide continues

July 13, 2023: Massive Monday service set for Deputy

July 13, 2023
ALSO: Tornado touches down near O'Hare airport... LeBron James commits to one more year

July 12, 2023: Manson Family member freed

July 12, 2023
ALSO: NATO leaders waffle on Ukraine... former Indianapolis Indian is All-Star MVP

July 11, 2023: NATO to grow

July 11, 2023
Deputy death prompts downtown memorial... NBA #1 done with summer league

July 10, 2023: Final farewell for southern Indiana officer

July 10, 2023
ALSO: Tea time for President Biden... Local star goes #3 in baseball draft