Tuning us in

For IPS families who subscribe to AT&T/DirecTV, you can do the following to receive our over-the-air (OTA) signal immediately for free:

If your Satellite uses a Set Top Box and you watch on HDMI (input):

  • Use the TV remote control (not the satellite) to select from input “Air”, “Antenna” or “TV”
  • Make sure your antenna is attached to the round antenna connector on your TV
  • Select “auto tune” or “auto add channels” or “rescan”
  • Allow 10 or 20 minutes for this to complete
  • You now have free over the air channels. myIPS on MyINDY-TV 23 will be 23.1

If you have any trouble, call Chief Engineer Glenn Edwards at 317-956-8585 or email at glenn.edwards@wishtv.com.

2020 State of the District