Behind the 8

Newest Episode: November 23, 2020

BEHIND THE 8 takes you inside the walls of WISH-TV, behind the scenes, behind the stories. Up close and personal with your favorite on-air personalities, what makes them tick? Funny and uncensored, nothing is off limits.

News 8 Daily

Newest Episode: January 18, 2021

From Indiana's only statewide News Network, News 8 Daily 8 brings listeners the big stories each day, what the weather is looking like and some fun stories to boot - all which keeping it cool, casual and fun. Hosted by Indiana native Kylie Conway, keep in the know each day!

Who's Got Next with WISH-TV's Charlie Clifford

Newest Episode: January 13, 2021

WISH-TV’s Charlie Clifford hosts the 'WHO’s GOT NEXT' sports podcast with assists from professional athletes, Indianapolis’ media staples and a comedic lineup of co-conspirators from across the world of sports. 

INChamber: The Podcast

Newest Episode: January 12, 2021

IN Chamber, the podcast of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, brings you insightful interviews with Indiana leaders in business, education, technology, politics and more.

Daybreak Drive-IN

Newest Episode: January 18, 2021

From News 8, your local news source, get your news on the go with the “Daybreak Drive-IN”. This daily podcast gives you the latest news, the biggest stories and the top headlines in just under two minutes. Listen while getting ready for the day or when you “Drive-IN” to work!

Leaders and Legends

Newest Episode: January 18, 2021

The Leaders and Legends podcast features conversations with fascinating and dynamic men and women whose impact has shaped our knowledge, our world, and us. Join us as we discuss their imprint on our history. The program is hosted by Robert Vane who is principal of Veteran Strategies, Inc., an-Indiana based veteran business enterprise specializing in public outreach, media relations, speechwriting, public speaking, and crisis communications.

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All INdiana Politics

Newest Episode: January 17, 2021

All Indiana Politics from WISH-TV is your premier source for Indiana Politics and Policy, and now available to listen, on-demand, from the All Indiana Podcast Network. All Indiana Politics cuts through the noise to focus on the issues that matter to you, the future of the Hoosier state, and the people with the vision to take us there. Get in-depth, non-partisan coverage of the state’s top campaigns, exclusive interviews with Indiana’s political leaders, and expert analysis of critical legislation.

AC's Conversations

Newest Episode: November 02, 2020

AC's conversations highlights sports, music, TV, movies and more! Including the latest news and rumors, interviews with the biggest names in Sports, Entertainment and beyond. Hosted by Emmy Award Winning WISH-TV Sports Director, Anthony Calhoun!

Local Matters

Newest Episode: January 15, 2021

“Local Matters” brings you incredible stories about Indiana Original businesses making a positive impact in Indiana and the entrepreneurs leading the way. Hoosiers share the story behind starting their business, the challenges and the successes along the way, and why supporting local businesses really matters. Get your dose of inspiration from these incredible entrepreneurs and leaders making a positive difference in Indiana weekly on Fridays.

Positively Patty

Newest Episode: January 18, 2021

Pet Pals TV's Patty Spitler is your host for the Positively Patty Podcast. Patty Celebrates the bond between pets and people in a conversation that includes hoosier heroes who rescue animals, volunteers who give their all and Indiana's non-profit animal rescue community. Patty will include special guests, get advice from their experts, share special stories and tell you all about the latest products available for your fur baby!

Our City Our Voice

Newest Episode: November 23, 2020

WISH-TV’s “Our City, Our Voice” includes a variety of podcasts that feature stories, news, events and people in the Hoosier state. From celebrating our diversity to discussing community topics that affect us all. 

Our Joy Project

Newest Episode: January 15, 2021

Our Joy Project is a podcast, produced by Baise Communications, with the purpose of talking about and sharing joy each week. Guests are asked three simple questions about defining, experiencing, and sharing joy. At a time when things around us feel dark and there’s so much negative energy, we can still spark joy! This podcast isn’t about one person’s joy – it’s about our joy!

Just A Kid From Gary

Newest Episode: November 06, 2020

“Just a kid from Gary” will inspire others around the globe to discover their dreams and make them a reality. This podcast will highlight individuals that grew up in cities like Gary and now are doing amazing things. Hi I’m Joshua Sims and I am graduate designer. I’m also a entrepreneur, an influencer, a planner, a father, a friend, a brother, a son and most importantly I’m “just a kid from Gary”.

Passport Joy Travel Talk

Newest Episode: January 12, 2021

Have you ever dreamed of leaving it all behind to travel the world? If yes, this is precisely how Matt and Nikki Javit felt before packing their backpacks to leave the United States in February of 2017. They both think that their mid-career retirement will become more common as people pause their hectic lives to seek more from experiences. Both have been featured on podcasts and blogs around the world and Matt has been called the Anthony Bourdain of Barber Shops based on his series World Barber Shop Adventures. Listen in as they share their stories, travel tips, money-saving hacks, and answer your questions in this entertaining podcast recorded from around the world.

Golden Apple

Newest Episode: December 23, 2020

WISH-TV is honoring Central Indiana Teachers who make a crucial difference in our children’s lives. Each month during the school year, Brenna Donnelly and Bailey & Wood Mortgage Lender, surprise a Central Indiana teacher with the Golden Apple Award along with $500! Listen to learn more about these wonderful teachers, their stories and all they do to help their students, schools and communities with the Golden Apple Award Podcast, sponsored by Bailey & Wood Mortgage Lender. 

IN The Community

Newest Episode: January 18, 2021

Get a quick rundown of what's happening around Indy every week with WISH-TV's "IN the Community", spotlighting local, non-profit-groups, churches and schools and upcoming events from the community calendar.

Hablando de Finanzas

Newest Episode: September 17, 2020

Hablando de Finanzas is a Spanish podcast about improving your financial life through budgeting, credit building, and navigating the US Banking system.

Medical Minutes with WISH-TV

Newest Episode: January 08, 2021

I'm WISH-TV Medical Reporter Dr. Mary Gillis. Join me every week for 'Medical Minutes', here on the All INdiana Podcast Network. We'll discuss the latest medical news, general health and medicine, best practices, trending issues, living a healthy lifestyle and more.

Fitting Indy

Newest Episode: January 15, 2021

On the path to living a healthier life, WISH-TV’s, Drew Blair hosts “Fitting Indy”. Discussing everything from nutrition and eating healthy to finding a routine that fits your lifestyle, setting goals and making changes for the better. Prepare for the race, learn from others and join the conversation.  

Weather Weekly

Newest Episode: November 25, 2020

Marcus covers all things weather with “Weather Weekly”. From looking back on historical weather events to looking ahead and planning and being prepared. Marcus talks to weather experts across the country and shares some fun facts on weather too!

Mapping Out Motherhood

Newest Episode: July 21, 2020

From health and nutrition to balancing family and career, the “Mapping out Motherhood” podcast with WISH-TV’s Nina Crisuolo is a conversation about motherhood. With discussions on expectations and reality along with sharing stories and interviews with other moms and experts. 

Caregiver Crossing

Newest Episode: January 18, 2021

Caregiver Crossing, a podcast brought to you by Joy’s House, features experts across the country, to provide comfort, resources and joy to caregivers. It’s a podcast created just for you, the caregiver! Co-hosted by Tina McIntosh and Terri Stacy, this podcast serves to embrace family caregivers of today and tomorrow.

Talkin' Trades

Newest Episode: January 14, 2021

Talkin’ Trades, Real Talk with Renee Lucas is “Real talk” about everything for the home. Talkin’ Trades is a weekly podcast for homeowners that includes the latest news, helpful tips, D-I-Y advice and a behind-the-scenes look into the trades. Presented by LCS heating and cooling. 

The 2EZE Podcast

Newest Episode: July 29, 2020

Each episode of the series features Nate Robert-Eze & Joshua Sims the voices who are behind the brand 2eze ( We will be discussing topics around fashion, unity, and design. 

Rock n' Roll Doggies

Newest Episode: January 14, 2021

“Rock n' Roll Doggies is a conversation between two lifelong friends, breaking down music that has been important in our lives. First up is U2, album by album.”

Baseball Dads

Newest Episode: December 23, 2020

This is conversations about baseball. I am a dad who loves the game ... as a coach, league administrator and lifelong fan. Baseball is truly the greatest game of all. Thanks for checking out my podcast.

Women Take The Wheel

Newest Episode: January 14, 2021

Meet the women who make a living around fast cars! Women Take The Wheel with host, Nikki Clark, takes you behind the scenes and introduces you to women in the racing world. Every week, Nikki has the latest news in racing in Indiana and around the country, and introduces you to women drivers, crew members, fans and more!