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How to get make 30 gorgeous outfits out of 10 items of clothing!

Have you ever stressed about having a closet full of clothing, but nothing to wear? Has it been on your mind to refresh your wardrobe by streamlining the dressing process?

Today on Indy Style, Image Consultant Brandie Price shows you a way to rid yourself of the worry of beginning the streamlining, just in time to start the new year!

Here’s more:

It all starts when you apply the “Million Dollar Filter” to your wardrobe.
The Million Dollar Filter is where wardrobing confidence begins.

Let’s break down this wardrobe concept that She calls 10/30. 10/30 refers to owning a particular set of 10 clothing items, that you can style 30 different ways. You can feel like a million bucks, every day, without the million dollar price tag. With the Million Dollar Filter, less is truly more.

If you’d like to know how to go from a mere 10 items to 30 gorgeous ensembles, Brandie will show you her exact process through in a monthly debrief.

Follow along on Instagram @brandiepriceimage for a daily visual of each of these outfits January. Each month will yield way to a fresh new look and a fresh new perspective for your styling delight.

Brandie Price is an Award-Winning Makeup Artist and Personal Brand Expert. You can find her at or on Instagram @brandiepriceimage or Brandie Price on Facebook.