Style Savings: how to track the sales at your favorite stores

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Whether you are new to the concept of personal branding or not, saving money can be a game changer in adding value to your personal brand and overall lifestyle.  

Do you know that all large chain stores use a liquidation calendar, or sale cycle that determines when prices drop on the clothing that they provide? This sale cycle allows for the freshest merchandise to be available in the store front windows to draw consumers in. If we, as consumers, can just express a little patience with making that purchase, we stand to save a great deal of money!

Brandie Price, Image Consultant and Personal Brand Expert, shares a few tips and tricks:

Style Savings: how to track the sales at your favorite stores

White House Black Market is a largely popular store that uses a 3.5-5 week sale cycle.  Meaning that if you see an outfit that you just have to have in your wardrobe rotation featured in the most recent monthly catalog drop, it will be on sale within 3.5-5 weeks.  This store releases a new trend color each month, so as they are welcoming a new trend color, the last one goes on sale to make room for the newly featured color. Waiting just 24 days can result in a 30% savings.  Wait an addition 7 days and there will be an additional 10-25% off of that sale price.

In general, when you are shopping at retail locations and see something that you love, but don’t love the full price, ask the sales associate what the policy is on price adjustments.  The price adjustment period is typically right at, or one week shy of the standard sale cycle that the company works off of. If you have to have it at that moment,  know that if the price does adjust during that time period, keep that item in your online shopping cart to monitor.  You can pop into the store and receive the difference back. 

What about those larger chain stores that receive a weekly drop like Anthropologie and Free People?  They still use a sale cycle, but rely on supply and demand in that local market to determine what will go on sale and when. These stores are more likely to have a general sale rotation. One week you may see “All Tops 20% Off” and “Dresses 25% Off” the following week.  This is where it is key to be on your favorite clothing company’s email list. 

In short, adding to your personal brand doesn’t have to break the bank.  Being intentional and expressing a little patience can help you save a great deal!

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