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Warm Costume Ideas for a Chilly Halloween

Warm Costume Ideas for a Chilly Halloween

We have already seen Randy’s forecast for tonight’s trick or treating festivities. While we don’t have enough time to receive a Prime order at our doorstep, we can still use our imagination, our current wardrobe, and Google to come up with a warm plan.

Brandie Price, Makeup Artist & Image Consultant, shares a few cozy ideas:

Anyone elses’ children expect them to go out in full costume? I know mine does. What do we wear as adults to keep warm tonight?

The Fleece Onsie- Any costume that you can find in the form of a fleece onesie is sure to keep you warm. I have seen everything from unicorns to superhero’s at Target if you need a last minute idea.

No time to Shop?

Be a mummy- dress warm and have your kids wrap you up in toilet paper or paper towel for an additional toasty layer.

Lumberjack- Does dad already have a beard? Then throw on a flannel and jeans and call him a lumberjack!

GQ Model- Use your best wool blazer and a turtleneck with a pair of jeans.

Marty McFly- Back to the Future has also been a hit this year. He wears so many layers to start with.

Jackie O- Have a nice long dress coat? Then you are more than half the way to a Jackie O costume.

Be the infamous Black Cat! Throw on a black sweater or sweatshirt with leggings. You can make a tail out of a little paint and a used paper towel roll. Cut out cat ears from black construction paper, and attach them to a headband or bobby pins.

The ideas are endless, you could probably make about anything in your current wardrobe work as a costume! Just start with what makes you warm, and go from there.