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10: Financial Travel Tips, Same Outfits, Indian Food (and Annoying Photo Bombing)

April 26, 2018
This is a very informative episode full of great MONEY SAVING TIPS for all of you travelers out there!  We will talk about FINANCIAL tools we use during our travels; specifically how we manage our credit card and bank accounts, how we leverage hotel and mileage points for free stays and air travel, and much more!   We will also answer some questions from our followers about living out of one backpack each and our time spent in India. We wrap up with a SHAME ON THAT about travelers photo bombing and blocking prime photo opps. Main Topics Covered: Travel Tips - Finances Q&A - Wearing the same clothes Q&A - Shocking India Food Shame on That - Photo bombing and blocking Links Mentioned in the Episode: Google Fi - the best phone plan for international travelers Nixplay - unbelievable digital frame to share all of your travel photos Priority Pass Global Lounge Access - the best way to travel the world and get airport lounge access Schwab is the best bank to use if you travel internationally as there are zero ATM fees Be sure to leverage your Safety Deposit Box at your local bank Express VPN - the best way to keep your information secure as you travel and access the internet in cafes and restaurants TOR - the browser that keeps you totally protected Freeze your credit if you know you are not going to need any new credit. Mark Zuckerberg, Ray Dalio wear the same outfits or roughly the same everyday Kerala India – 11 Epic Things To Do (2018 Travel Guide) Vietnam Travel Guide (Top 11 Things to Do in Vietnam) Top 5 Things to Do in Bangkok, Thailand The Ultimate Guide to Island Hopping in Greece (Island hopping in Greece 2018; Mykonos, Santorini and Paros) Incredible Dhermi Albania (The Hidden Gem of the Mediterranean)    Amazing food photos from the road: South African Vegan Spot  Vietnam  Vietnam again India  The photo Nikki was waiting to take at Marble Mountain in Da Nang, Vietnam Be sure to write your REVIEW in order to be Eligible for the amazing Contest that has gifts from, Nixplay, Mizzen+Main, Eagle Creek, Foundation Training, Birch Boys Chaga Coffee, Tommy John Underwear, and Seven Corners Insurance.