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19: Alicante (Spain) and Our Podcast Production Process

June 28, 2018
Alicante is a beautiful city along the southeastern coast of Spain. It has an international airport, excellent public transportation, beautiful public beaches, fun nightlife, and plenty of good restaurants. With just a little more than 300,000 people living here, Alicante has so much to do and might be the best coastal city in Spain! We talk about partying during the bonfires of San Juan and enjoying the flamenco dances in El Barrio Viejo. We then discuss our Podcast Production Process and how we put all of this magic together. Main Topics Covered: Alicante, Spain - Best Beaches in Europe Podcast Production Process Links Mentioned in the Episode: Tommy John Underwear - Matt brought seven pairs of underwear on his journey - ALL Tommy John Seven Corners Insurance - The Travel Insurance that we use as we Travel Full time Alicante Spain (The Best Beach City in Spain) Blog Post from our Travels We visited Alicante after spending time in Madrid with Friends After Alicante we were going to Venice on a Budget (9 Tips to save money); that’s why we decided on Alicante so we could fly direct.  Here is my video of Cliff Diving in Tabarca Island - I love this stuff!  A Video of Flamenco Dancing in Alicante, Spain - what an experience!  The video of the me in the Bonfires of San Juan - talk about an epic celebration!  Podcast Production Process: Our AMAZING team at completes the production of the podcast and were critical in the setup process.   We record using an Audio-technica ATR2100-USB that I packed with us before we left.  We use the free software Audacity to record our sessions.  Dropbox is our main storage software when sharing the audio files For all Podcast Publishing and Hosting, Libsyn is the gold standard.  Sign up for our Newsletter to get the latest tips in Travel and hear about our weekly visits around the world