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2: What’s in Our Bag, What We Miss, and Do We Get Sick of Each Other?

March 01, 2018
2: What’s in Our Bag, What We Miss, and Do We Get Sick of Each Other?   How can you possibly pack for over two years on the road with only a single backpack each? Impossible, right? Well, we were faced with that difficult task and did quite well. We will discuss all of the items that made the final cut; from clothing to organizers to toiletries. We also answer a couple of follower questions on the luxuries we miss the most while traveling and what it is like to spend 24/7 together as a couple. Yes, it can be a bit much at times, but in the end, we love it. Enjoy!   Main Topics Covered: What we packed for our two+ years of travel Q&A - Luxuries we miss the most Q&A - The difficulty of spending so much time together as a couple   Links: Help your back pain with Foundation Training  - Be protected on the internet with ExpressVPN -   The entire ‘What We Packed’ blog post: Matt’s favorite pants while we travel - he has worn them from seeing the Best View of Machu Picchu to exploring the tea plantations of Kerala, India - Chuck’s Construction - The construction company Matt was bragging about. Bill Murray discussing love and travel video Matt Playing Poker in Vietnam post Hikes that Matt made in Perdika Greece and Cinque Terre Italy   *Note* Matt said “separate rooms’ when describing our accommodations. He meant it as two rooms. Yes, we sleep in the same bed when available.   Our prize of the day and the best tools to protect yourself on the road can be found at - - Get our favorite Safety Travel book - Spy Secrets that can Save Your Life - by Former CIA officer Jason Hanson. He and his team are giving away an autographed version of this book, and their  '6 spy tools' which include a Tactical Pen, Mini SpyTac Flashlight, 11-in-1 Survival Tool, Credit Card Knife, Survival Keychain, and Universal Handcuff Key.   Please Subscribe (How to Subscribe and Why it is So Important to Us) on your favorite Podcast App Player: Apple / Itunes or Google Play or Stitcher or Spotify or 'watch' on Youtube *We appreciate your help! iTunes is the largest platform for podcast listening today so the reviews and ratings on that platform help THE MOST. Help us reach new listeners by leaving us a RATING and REVIEW HERE! It takes just 30 seconds (How to Rate and Review and Why it is Important to Us). Thank you! Want to get our Newsletter with added information about our travels around the world? Subscribe now by adding your email address. Find out where we are NOW and check out our Journey So Far to get an idea of all that we have seen along our adventures around the world! Thanks for listening and checking us out! Please leave comments, tips, and feedback on this episode below. Safe Travels!