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20: Volunteering During Travel (Voluntourism) & Using WorkAway for Free Stays

July 05, 2018
Have you been a part of volunteering efforts that helped you see different parts of the world? Have you thought about combining your passion for travel with your desire to help others in foreign lands? Is it even a good idea to go into foreign nations to help people that might not be asking for it? There are many difficult questions when it comes to voluntourism, the concept of volunteering during travel. We give our thoughts on the topic and the ways that we have given back on the road. We also discuss WorkAway (another form of volunteering) in more detail. We have completed four WorkAway’s on three different continents now. We give the good and bad on this fantastic way to see the world. Main Topics Covered: Volunteering During Travel Using WorkAway for Free Stays Links Mentioned in the Episode: Airbnb - The best way to travel anywhere in the world. Get your discount today.  Mizzen and Main - The best pants available for traveling. Versatile, fashionable, and comfortable. Use your coupon today to get the best pants possible.  The Most Efficient Non-For-Profit (Maybe in the WORLD) that we helped with in Ayacucho, Peru The kids we visited in the Ayacucho orphanage The boys in the orphanage in Kerala, India that had a ‘ball’ playing with the sporting equipment The Sports Academy in George, South Africa that I worked with to understand their needs and help with connections Books Mentioned: Toxic Charity – Robert D. Lupton When Helping Hurts – Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert Two Thought Provoking Articles on the Subject: TO STOP THE INSTITUTIONALIZATION OF CHILDREN, STOP VOLUNTEERING IN ORPHANAGES HOW YOU CAN HELP CHILDREN WITHOUT VOLUNTEERING IN AN ORPHANAGE is where you can find potential gigs and make your own profile  We spent on the island of Perdika, Greece - see our Top 10 Best Travel tips (2018) Best of Antofagasta Chile (Our first Workaway experience in a new city) A Quick Guide to Crazy Guayaquil Ecuador (Our 2 week experience) Hear more about South Africa in Podcast 4: South Africa: A Guys’ Trip Heaven (Couples Welcome too) Sign up for our Newsletter to get the latest tips in Travel and hear about our weekly visits around the world