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47: Saving Money Ideas (Short Trips or Long Vacations)

January 24, 2019
Traveling for almost two years straight now on a budget has made us very smart about how we spend our money. In this podcast episode, we discuss all of the ways that we have saved on the road from creative accommodations, transportation, technology, and more. We have found ways to maximize our time in lounges and eliminate ATM fees. Wearing the same clothes for two years sucks but not if it is high quality. And what about a few things that we have learned about that we don’t do but still might be right for you? We share. Let’s save together and continue to discover the world. Main Topics Covered: How We Saved Money in 2 Years of Travel Links Mentioned in the Episode: Check out all of the PARTNERS that have made our lives easy while traveling the world.  Look through the TrustedHouseSitters website and get your discount by using our link Google Fi - the best phone plan for international travelers Priority Pass Global Lounge Access - the best way to travel the world and get airport lounge access  Schwab is the best bank to use if you travel internationally as there are zero ATM fees Airbnb - The best way to travel anywhere in the world. Get your discount today.  Mizzen and Main - The best pants available for traveling. Versatile, fashionable, and comfortable. Use your coupon today to get the best pants possible.  Google Flights - the best way to understand what flights are available to make your journey easy and cheap.  Skyscanner is the another great technology tool that will help you have the cheapest flights.  Look at Credit Card offers that give you maximum benefits and points. Citi Prestige, Chase Sapphire, and Southwest Chase are a few of our favorites. Travel insurance can help you save a ton of money if the wrong thing hits you. is a great website to find ways to volunteer your services to get free accomodations.  Teach English to Chinese children for great rates.  Sign up for our Newsletter to get the latest tips in Travel and hear about our weekly visits around the world