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58: Fiji Islands (Tips for an Unforgettable Trip)

April 18, 2019
The Fiji Islands are high on everyone’s bucket list for good reasons. With unforgettable snorkeling, world-class hospitality, and gorgeous beaches, you will have the time of your life no matter accommodations you plan. In this episode, we will give travel tips on what we experienced with our friends and how it might help you in your adventure to the islands. Not only did we take advantage of having shark at our feet, swim in the best snorkel areas of our lives, and lay near the most beautiful water you can imagine, we also met local families, explored a waterfall, and watched a local rugby match. With my birthday celebration came a kava ceremony, dancers to traditional Fijian music, and a beach bonfire. We had a blast spending 10 days in Fiji and living it up. Please listen in as we share a few tips you might consider before having the trip of our life. Main Topics Covered: Fiji Islands Travel Tips Links Mentioned in the Episode: Check out all of the PARTNERS that have made our lives easy while traveling the world.  Nikki’s first published book - Passport Joy - can be found on the Kindle store on Amazon.  If you plan on drinking alcohol while in Fiji you will want to take advantage of the prices at the airport. The public bus is available to take you where you need to go from Nadi Airport. It is much cheaper than a taxi but it is a tight squeeze. We stayed at the De Vos Private Residence in Maui Bay, Sigatoka, Fiji. We visited Biausevu Village where we enjoyed a private village tour and waterfall experience with Veronica’s Authentic Tours.  We stayed at a great house near the Nadi Airport that had tons of space, a pool, and BBQ area. It was a great stay.  I am addicted to the Rugby Sevens now and Fiji dominated when we watched in the HK7’s in April.  We went to Lawaqa Park and watched local rugby. These guys are extremely tough.  We had the time of our lives with the best snorkeling ever, unbelievable food, and amazing skippers with Coral Cats Sailing.  We visited a great barber shop in Fiji called Nomu Barbershop and had an awesome time.  The Fiji Airport is fantastic and the lounge access you have with Priority Pass gives you the chance to visit one of the best lounges in the world.  Look through the TrustedHouseSitters website and get your discount by using our link Sign up for our Newsletter to get the latest tips in Travel and hear about our weekly visits around the world