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6: Skyping with a Billionaire and Wood-Fired Pizza (Ask to Receive)

March 29, 2018
JUST ASK!  Sometimes asking for a favor or reaching out to someone you don’t know is tough. Matt talks about how he SKYPED WITH A BILLIONAIRE after sending a cold email, met up with a CRYPTO INSIDER in Ho Chi Minh City, and learned how to make a true wood-fired Italian pizza from a professional. He even discusses how he helped a new friend in need while at Oktoberfest. All these things by simply asking. Nikki & Matt wrap up the episode by discussing how gross people can be on the road and what some people need to change to clean up their act. Main Topics Covered: Travel Tips - Don’t be afraid to ask people tough questions Shame on that  - Dirty People Links Mentioned in the Episode: Skyscanner - To find all of the latest flight deals and creative ways to travel, check out Tony Robbins will help you get to your true potential - find all of his products at The clothing line I mentioned was worn by Shaq during all-star weekend in 2003 after I met him a few days prior (big moment for me) Money: Master the Game by Tony Robbins - Book that I mentioned had all of the top Investors’ advice Marc Faber’s Website Why we Loved Chiang Mai so much The Bar in that Marc Recommended - Linda’s Bar A recap of our time in Vietnam and Why we loved it so much  Great Guy in Ho Chi Minh that I met  Real Italian Pizza (Cooking like a Pro) WorkAway   Our prize for the launch contest comes from Dr. Eric Goodman and the team at Foundation Training. Foundation Training’s specifically designed movements and engaging postures help to effectively retrain the body to utilize the power of the posterior chain. This muscle chain is chronically neglected, yet when reactivated and strengthened can bring significant healing. As the body relearns how to move properly, the frame gets stronger and pain decreases. Foundation Training can be done anywhere, anytime. No gym or equipment needed. Foundation Training has changed my life and given me the ability to travel the way we are as well as to be able to be physically active on the road. for more information on Foundation Training.