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63: A Few Lessons Learned (from Long Term Travel)

June 27, 2019
Being able to see the world as we did for 27 months gave us much to ponder as we returned home. In this episode of Passport Joy Travel Talk, we reflect on a few lessons learned from traveling, including our new ‘real world,’ patience, our fresh perspective, and building a global travel network. As we transition back to our normal life in Indianapolis, our views will likely adjust over time, but we wanted to share what we are thinking within the first few weeks. Main Topics Covered: A Few Lessons Learned Links Mentioned in the Episode: Check out all of the PARTNERS that have made our lives easy while traveling the world.  Nikki’s first published book - Passport Joy - can be found on the Kindle store on Amazon.  Look through the TrustedHouseSitters website and get your discount by using our link Best Travel Spots for 2019 (Places You May NOT Know) Sign up for our Newsletter to get the latest tips in Travel and hear about our weekly visits around the world