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7: Travel Technology (Life Made Easy With These Hacks)

April 05, 2018
We go in a few directions in this episode. We start by covering many of the technologies and electronics we use to help us navigate the complexities of traveling full time. We then answer a reader question regarding the scary situations we have encountered on the road so far including a credit card hacker in Santiago, vicious dogs in South America, and a creepy follower in India. We round out the episode talking about driving fails and the tough spots that put us in. Main Topics Covered: Travel Tips - Technology and Electronics We Use Q&A - Scary Situations We Have Encountered Shame on That - Driving fails Links Mentioned in the Episode: Airbnb - The best way to travel anywhere in the world. Get your discount today.  Mizzen and Main - The best pants available for traveling. Versatile, fashionable, and comfortable. Use your coupon today to get the best pants possible.  Google Fi - The phone plan we use to say connected around the world - Get a discount Express VPN - Stay Secure while traveling and get the content you deserve (Netflix) Dropbox - Share your documents with friends and teams around the world  Evernote - I keep all of my daily notes here  Groovebook - a great way to share physical photos with friends and family - use the code - JAVIT63 for a discount Portable Chargers  High Powered Flashlight Travel Adapter Long cords for phones FlightStats - Track your current or upcoming flights TOR Web Browser for Absolute privacy  Google Flights Things to do in Cusco What we loved about Santiago Chile Use Travel Tips for San Pedro de Atacama Go With Your Gut Post Youtube link to the Indore Interview   Contest Prize of the Day is from Birch Boys Chaga Coffee and Tea. Chaga is a parasitic mushroom that draws the life out of birch trees. Over time, it stores the trees' beneficial minerals and compounds into a super-concentrated conk that bursts out of the tree trunk. Due to its life cycle, chaga contains more antioxidants than ANY substance on Earth! I love this coffee and tea and had it shipped to me while traveling. The team behind the product is wonderful as well and their vision to make Chaga a household name is a powerful one. Check out their products at