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77: Big Goals – Our Framework for Accomplishing (Travel + More)

January 02, 2020
Since returning home from the 27-month trip around the world, many people ask us how we went about accomplishing such a big feat. It all started with having big goals and dreams, writing them down then setting out to accomplish them. In this episode of Passport Joy Travel Talk, we will discuss the process of setting goals as the new year begins, looking out and envisioning an unbelievable year, and making your ‘Best Me’ list. If you have some huge travel and life goals for 2020 but don’t have a system set for accomplishing them, this might be a good episode to check out. Main Topics Covered: Setting Huge Goals Links Mentioned in the Episode: Check out all of the details of POLICE: Brotherhood in Uniform Around the World Season 2 of World Barber Shop Adventures is on Amazon Prime. Check out the list of recommended books for 2020 from my high-performing peers.  Sign up for our Newsletter to get the latest tips in Travel and hear about our weekly visits around the world.