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79: Young Traveler Advice (Hot List to Start Now)

January 29, 2020
I am asked often by the younger travelers that hope to accomplish big travel goals, where they should begin in their quest to see the world. How to save, what jobs to seek, websites to utilize. I break down a top 5 list on where I would begin if I was a younger traveler and what things can really make an impact in the upcoming years. Main Topics Covered: Young Traveler Advice (Hot List to Start Now)  Links Mentioned in the Episode: Have a travel fund to begin your saving process. I highly recommend a Schwab account to limit fees while using ATMs around the world.  Have an abundance mentality and find a job that you can do from your laptop using websites like Upwork.  Teach English to kids around the world in person or online. There are plenty of websites that allow this. is one that we know many of our traveler friends used to make money as they saw the world. Build your profile early on sites like WorkAway and so you have a great online presence when you reach out to strangers. Looking for a gift for a police officer? Check out my book that showcases officers around the world.   Season 3 of World Barber Shop Adventures is on Amazon Prime -  Check out the list of recommended books for 2020 from my high-performing peers.  Sign up for our Newsletter to get the latest tips in Travel and hear about our weekly visits around the world.