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82: Cebu + Moalboal Philippines (Scuba and Scooters)

March 05, 2020
We loved our time in Cebu, Philippines so much that we canceled a trip to the exotic island of Boracay to spend more time. Having the chance to really get to know Moalboal over our ten days was special. From the families we met to the Scuba certification we achieved - our trip was a fun adventure. The beautiful beaches, the great nightlife, tasty food, fun locals, and cultural experiences like cockfighting, all added up to a vacation of a lifetime. Main Topics Covered: Cebu + Moalboal Philippines Travel Links Mentioned in the Episode: The ad for the Philippines that I saw in an airport and loved.  The awesome bar in IT Park Cebu - The Park Social - where we watched the Super Bowl.  The Airbnb that we stayed at in Moalboal. My big brother Chuck in a photo with our barber in Manila. Military Grade flashlight is an important part of my traveling bag. Cebu Diving Centre is absolutely awesome place to get certified or do local dives.  A few of our favorites included the Mayim for breakfast, The Pleasure Principle for dinner, and Chili Bar for nightlife Oslob Wild Monkey Viewing was a fun way to visit locals that help keep monkeys in their back ‘yard’. The Tumlog Falls and Kawasan Falls are gorgeous and worth the long trip into the forest. The Moalboal Cockpit on Sundays is a ton of fun. Check back soon for my video discussing the matter. A great local guide, Dax, showed us a great time traveling around the island.  My brother got the bug to travel more based on our journey to Da Nang, Vietnam (Trip of a Lifetime). Looking for a gift for a police officer? Check out my book that showcases officers around the world.  Season 3 of World Barber Shop Adventures is on Amazon Prime.  Check out the list of recommended books for 2020 from my high-performing peers.  Sign up for our Newsletter to get the latest tips in Travel and hear about our weekly visits around the world.