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86: Convos (Dublin, Italy, Tokyo) during the Crisis

April 11, 2020
During this series of discussions, I am catching up with a wide range of friends from around the world to see how the current crisis is affecting them and their hometowns. In this episode, I catch up with a travel buddy that lives in Dublin, Ireland, a professor in Central Italy, and an inspiring traveler in Tokyo, Japan. Main Topics Covered: Talia from Dublin, Ireland Silvia from Ancona, Italy Hiro from Tokyo, Japan Links Mentioned in the Episode: Japan Travel (Sumo Wrestling, Geisha, and the Countryside) Japan Travel (Our First 3 Weeks) Ireland Road Trip – Lush and Luxury (And how we do laundry) Northern Italy Road Trip Itinerary (9 Cities to See) Season 3 of World Barber Shop Adventures is on Amazon Prime  Looking for a Father’s Day gift for a police officer? Check out my book that showcases officers around the world.  Check out the list of recommended books for 2020 from my high-performing peers.  Sign up for our Newsletter to get the latest tips in Travel and hear about our weekly visits around the world.