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90: Dave Chappelle Live in a Cornfield in Ohio

July 28, 2020

Title: Dave Chappelle Live in a Cornfield in Ohio

Having the chance to watch Dave Chappelle live in Ohio was a no brainer. It is a unique event to see someone at the top of their game in such an intimate setting. Our event included Matthew Broussard, Michelle Wolf, Violinist Minyoung Baik, Mo Amer, Donnell Rawlings, and Talib Kweli. Tons of laughs and plenty of entertainment.

Links Mentioned in the Episode:

Dave Chappelle’s 8:46 is thought-provoking and will show you the Yellow Springs venue.

Dave’s DJ crushed it, DJ Trauma -

Matthew Broussard opened up.

Michelle Wolf was second.

Violinist Minyoung Baik was unbelievable!

Mo Amer, from the special Vagabond, crushed it.

Donnell Rawlings, famous for Ashy Larry, was hysterical -

Show ended with a live performance from Talib Kweli -

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