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Allison Barber: Contributing to Success Off and On the Court

May 18, 2021

Allison Barber brings an education and business background to her role as president and chief operating officer of the Indiana Fever. It’s no surprise that she teamed with several community partners to create a unique program titled Athlete to Advocate. The goal was to give Fever players a chance to amplify their message and make a bigger difference than they already are in the areas in which they are most passionate. On the court, the team is “home” for the first time in more than 600 days. A new coach and a good mix of veteran players and newcomers provides optimism for the 2021 season, the 25th in WNBA history. Barber outlines the growing championship culture for the Fever and the benefits it will bring for all aspects of the franchise and for its players. Learn more:

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