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Bonus Eclipse Episode: How to take the best photos of total solar eclipse

April 08, 2024

The total solar eclipse is a once-in-a-lifetime event and something to capture with a photo to remember, but the process can be difficult with the changing conditions.Verizon experts have shared helpful tips to getting the best picture on a smartphone:

Only zoom in on the phone if it has optical zoom capabilities. However, it’s best to stick to zoomed-out photos for clarity.

Turn off the flash on the phone.

Use the “burst mode” feature to help capture multiple pictures at once. Photographers can always go back and delete the ones that do not turn out. The burst mode will help capture the corona, or the little bit of the sun’s rays that are visible during totality.

Experts tell News 8 that shooting in “RAW mode” will give the best quality photos of the eclipse.

Also, photographers can use a solar lens cover to protect their cameras, but experts say that may not be necessary.

“Manufacturers don’t actually take a stance on this when it comes to the lens on cameras and facing the sun,” said Jeff Kew, a Verizon spokesperson. “There is no proven widespread damage when it comes to pointing your phone lens toward the sun.”

An added bonus of using a solar lens is the tool can help view sunspots.