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Bonus Eclipse Episode: Indiana police say on day of total solar eclipse, prepare for traffic

March 21, 2024

he Indiana State Police is trying to prevent the road congestion issue Kentucky saw in 2017 amid a total solar eclipse. Sgt. John Perrine of the Indiana State Police says when it comes to the eclipse, motorists have two options: plan ahead and be in a safe place in enough time to watch, or safely continue driving during the event.

“If you’re in the car during the eclipse, focus on driving,” Perrine said. “Don’t try to sneak a peak of the eclipse.”

Perrine says the combination of stopped cars on the highway and potentially distracted drivers could be fatal.

Traffic before the eclipse is not much of a concern because it will be over the course of the day, but, as everyone leaves at the same time, gridlock is a real possibility.

There is concern about emergencies that first responders cannot get to, so state police will be placed across the state to help.

Perrine says total solar eclipse day on April 8, 2024, will be an “all-call,” and almost every state trooper will be on the roads.

Another important safety tip from Indiana State Police: Fill up the gas tank. Motorists never know how long they may be stuck, and should give themselves as much time as possible.