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Childhood Faith, Ministry Inspiration, and Ax-Throwing Adventures: Reverend Sarah Miller’s Perspectives

May 08, 2024

Celebrating Growth and Nurturing Faith with Reverend Sarah Miller

Episode Summary:

Reverend Dr. Kent Lundy engages in a heartfelt conversation with Reverend Sarah Miller at the

New Hope United Methodist Church in Elkhart, Indiana. Together, they discuss Sarah's personal

experiences, her calling to ministry, and the growth and celebrations witnessed in her church


Three Key Takeaways:

1. Nostalgic Faith and Celebrations:

Sarah describes the recent celebration of 20 new members and 5 baptisms, marking a joyous

moment amidst the challenges faced by the church. These moments of growth and recognition

of spiritual milestones serve as a source of inspiration and encouragement for the community.

2. Community Involvement and Youth Ministry:

Sarah reflects on the impact of her upbringing and the influence of her family, particularly her

parents who are both pastors. Her journey through various forms of ministry, including youth and

camping ministry, revealed the value of building a supportive community. Through her

experiences, she emphasizes the importance of learning to lean on others, fostering

collaboration, and nurturing leadership within the church.

3. Embracing Humility and Faithful Leadership:

In response to Kent's question about staying humble, Sarah candidly expresses that the church

itself keeps her humble by presenting new, unfamiliar situations that require her to seek

guidance and support. She elaborates on the significance of humility in the context of communal

responsibility and shared leadership within the Methodist Church. Her insights emphasize the

value of embracing one's unique gifts, the beauty of collaboration, and the ongoing journey of

learning and growth in faith.

In this engaging conversation, Reverend Sarah Miller's experiences and perspectives offer a

testament to the power of traditions, the significance of pivotal life events, and the strength

found in faith communities. Her journey from skepticism to embracing her calling exemplifies the

transformative and nurturing nature of faith.

Overall, this episode illuminates the joys and challenges of faithful leadership, the value of

communal celebrations, and the continuous pursuit of growth and spiritual fulfillment within a

supportive church environment.

Sarah Miller at Elkhart New Hope United Methodist Church:

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