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College football is back with viral ESPN College GameDay fan ‘Mayo Man’

September 07, 2021
You may have watched it live on ESPN College's GameDay from Charlotte. You may have stopped scrolling on Twitter because you fell out of your chair. You may have heard rumblings around your college football inter-circle. The 'Mayo Man' earns the distinguished honor of being College Football's most outrageous fan for the anticipated return of the greatest Saturday's of the calendar year. The dude who dumped the giant tub of Duke's Mayonnaise on himself in front of the entire country on ESPN's College Gameday? Oh, he ended up having an EPIC night. The act itself was one of the most bizarre scenes in the history of the show. But what happened after makes this an all-time classic college football gameday story. We connect with Juan, avid Clemson Tigers fan from Greenville, South Carolina aka 'The Mayo Man' for the entire tale. To everyone else in the country: What can you do to top 'The Mayo Man' this season?