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Connect, Learn, and Grow: Exploring Johnson and Marion County’s Network

April 29, 2024

In this insightful episode of the ALL IN Johnson County Podcast, our host Dr. Brad Miller  expertly guides a conversation centered on the intricacies and strategies pivotal for small businesses in Johnson and Marion Counties. The episode features a lineup of knowledgeable local leaders, including Ryan Henry, Connie Mortensen, Christine Shaub, Bill Hammond, Kristen Loy, and Cloette Zager, who each provide thoughtful perspectives and expert advice for both budding and experienced entrepreneurs.

### Key Takeaways from This Episode:

**1. Tailored Services Enhance Small Business Efficiency:**

Bill Hammond from HRFE Consulting outlines the essential role of customized HR services in small business settings. He demonstrates how these services, when expertly applied, help in navigating the complexities of talent management, regulatory compliance, and benefits administration, which are often formidable challenges for smaller entities. Christine Shaub of Accupay reinforces this concept by discussing the critical nature of specialized payroll services that cater specifically to the needs and nuances of small businesses.

**2. Robust Networking Facilitates Business Growth:**

Ryan Henry, initiator of the network, shares compelling evidence on the significance of robust networking for local business efficacy and growth. By facilitating regular meetings and creating platforms for interaction, empowers business owners to exchange knowledge, collaborate, and support each other’s business ventures, thus strengthening the overall business fabric of the local community.

**3. Proactive Preparedness is Crucial:**

Connie Mortensen of Connie Mortensen State Farm emphasizes the absolute necessity for businesses to prepare for unforeseeable challenges through appropriate insurance and financial planning. The discussion underscores the dangers of reactive strategies and highlights how proactive measures can shield businesses from potential crises. Similarly, Bill Hammond shares an anecdote about the vital role of diligent bookkeeping and financial oversight in maintaining business health and compliance.

### Featured Guests:

- **Ryan Henry**, Ideas Guy Co-founder of 

- **Connie Mortensen**, Owner, Connie Mortensen State Farm

- **Christine Shaub**, Accupay Payroll

- **Bill Hammond**, Founder, HRFE Consulting

- **Christin Loy**, Firestorm Restoration

- **Cloeette Zager**, Mr Electric of Fishers

-**Ardeth Waller**, Ardith Waller Bookkeeping

### Episode Highlights:

- Detailed analysis of how customized services are crucial for small business operations.

- The undeniable benefits of a strong, supportive local business network.

- Real-world stories demonstrating the impact of preparedness and expert intervention in achieving business sustainability and compliance.

### Listener Engagement:

Listeners are encouraged to contact the featured guests for deeper insights into their services or to engage with the network for direct networking opportunities. We invite you to share this podcast within your professional networks and anticipate your participation in our forthcoming discussions that delve deeper into Johnson and Marion County’s vibrant business environment.

### Conclusion:

This episode serves as a critical resource for small business owners seeking to understand better and navigate the complexities of business management within their localities. The importance of specialized service providers and a supportive community network is clearly articulated, showcasing their roles in fostering a resilient and prosperous small business community.

Join us next time on ALL IN Johnson County Podcast as we continue to explore, enlighten, and inspire within our local business landscape.

Businesses Represented:

40 Day Way Podcasting Services:  Dr. Brad Miller,,  Phone: 317-389-0100  Idea Guy and Co-founder, Ryan Henry,, 317-559-1059

Ardath Waller Bookkeeping,,  317-908-9674

Mr Electric of Fishers,   Cloette Zager,,  O: 317-537-1099, C: 317-874-7673

HRFE Consulting, Bill Hammond,, 317-408-5513,

Accupay Payroll,  Christine Schaub, 317-885-7600,

Firestorm Restoration, Krisen Loy,  317-937-6890,,

Connie Mortensen, State Farm,, 317-784-4211.