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Educating the Next Generation by Alicia Ramsey

May 17, 2021

This episode is a dialogue on educating Generation Z and Generation Alpha. This discussion will share parenting tips and strategies on how to support the next generation educationally.  In 2020, in the United States and across the globe, schools closed, and students were transferred to immediate virtual learning platforms. Families were frustrated and wanted assistance on the best way to educate children. As we progress into the future, the traditional classroom must transform into a student-oriented, technology-rich, and novelty-driven educational experience. Students no longer carry books but carry a Chromebook, tablet, or smartphone. School districts know there is a need to meet this generation of students and parents with educational options. Enrollment in traditional schools is down, while online schools from elementary to higher education are rising. Why? The next generation wants options. Should we preserve the traditional classroom, or do we make accommodations for the new generations? Do we keep the "old school" values or merge them with the new school. How can parents or guardians help their children become internally motivated to succeed in school? All of these questions and more are answered in this week's She Words podcast. 

 Schools need to support the intrinsic motivation of students by promoting autonomy, competence, and relatedness. Today's analytics incorporates the learner; it empowers the students and allows personal input in refining their learning. Listen to hear more about the analytics of today's learner as we dig deeper in this week's educational podcast dialogue. Connect with us and share your story on social media, or e-mail us at

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