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Election Special: Muncie Mayoral Candidate Jeff Robinson

October 12, 2023

WISH-TV Political Reporter Garrett Bergquist sits down with Jeff Robinson, President of the Muncie City Council and Democrat candidate for mayor.

Robinson said crime drives most of the violence and hardship in Muncie, including the July shooting. He said the city would invest more heavily in community policing and focusing on crime hot spots under his leadership. In addition, he said city officials need to involve Muncie’s youth since much of the crime involves them. Robinson said he also blames the state’s permit less carry law for allowing too many people to carry guns and use them.

Robinson has called for repaving 82 miles of city streets and adding curb cuts to assist people with disabilities. He told News 8 the funding would come from a $25 million bond, paid for with economic development income tax, or EDIT, funds.

“What we have now is an embarrassment and we have to make it a priority,” he said. “That is largely the number one issue of most doorsteps that we talk to folks at.”

Robinson has criticized the current administration for what he calls slow progress on Southway Plaza and Tillpond Urban Park. He said much of the promised development in those locations has not materialized and an autism center at Southway Plaza had to close during the summer due to lack of air conditioning. He said the city council should rescind the tax abatements given to those projects.

Indiana early voting begins Wednesday, October 12.

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