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Grace, Life, Unity: Unveiling the Vision for Warsaw First United Methodist Church

May 15, 2024

In this episode of “Pulpit Perspectives” Reverend Dr. Kent Lundy engages in a compelling

conversation with Reverend Brian Smith, the senior pastor at Warsaw First United Methodist

Church. Here are the key takeaways from their inspiring discussion:

1. Embracing Your Call to Ministry: Reverend Smith shares his personal journey of responding

to his call to ministry, which was initially sparked by the influence of his youth director in high

school. He emphasizes the importance of recognizing that the seeds of a calling may be planted

early in life but may take time to fully take root. This serves as a reminder to have patience and

faith in the process, especially when working with young people. The podcast offers a message

of hope for those who may be navigating their own discernment of a calling.

2. The Importance of Humility and Trust: Reverend Smith discusses his favorite Bible verse,

Proverbs 3:5-7, which emphasizes the need to trust in the Lord and not lean on our own

understanding. He shares how this verse continues to guide him, reminding him to place his

complete trust in God and acknowledge that he doesn't have all the answers. This point serves

as an encouragement for listeners to embrace humility and reliance on faith during challenging


3. Balancing Different Aspects of Life: Reverend Smith reflects on the balance of being a "Mary"

and a "Martha." He acknowledges that while he tends to be more of a "Mary," there are

moments when circumstances call for him to step into the role of a "Martha." This insight can

resonate with listeners who may also grapple with finding balance in their personal and

professional lives, offering a sense of understanding and empathy.

4. Finding Inspiration in Young Leaders: Reverend Smith shares the inspiring story of a young

person exploring their call to ministry, emphasizing the impact young leaders can have on their

community. This serves as a reminder to seek inspiration and guidance from leaders of all ages,

fostering a sense of mentorship and support within the church community.

5. Hope for the Future: Reverend Smith concludes the conversation by sharing his vision for the

future of Warsaw First United Methodist Church, encapsulated in the words "grace," "life," and

"unity." This hopeful outlook provides a glimpse into the positive direction of the church and

offers an invitation for listeners to embrace similar values in their own communities.

In this episode of “Pulpit Perspectives,” listeners are invited to reflect on their own callings,

embrace humility, seek balance, find inspiration in youth, and nurture hope for the future. The

engaging dialogue between Reverend Dr. Kent Lundy and Reverend Brian Smith offers a

message of encouragement and empowerment, embodying the spirit of the podcast's mission to

provide uplifting content for clergy and their communities.

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