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Gregory Hess: Wabash College’s Focus and Ambition

June 24, 2020

Wabash College provides what President Gregory Hess calls an “intentionally intimate liberal arts experience.” It is one of only a handful of all-male higher education institutions remaining in the country – a status it is safe to say is not going to change. Hess says a clear mission with a focus on excellence of students allows the college to make a difference. It also prompts alumni to give back at historic levels and in many ways, including a formal network for finding students/graduates a place to stay if in a new community for a job interview. Find out what class Hess loves to teach, his take on the passion for football and other sports on campus and beyond, his favorite athletic teams and his goals moving forward. (Note: After our podcast recording and before its release, Hess announced his departure from Wabash at the end of the current academic year for a position as CEO of IES Abroad, providing study abroad and internship programs).

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