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Industrial Genius, It’s All a part of God’s Masterpiece: Episode 263

November 30, 2023

Through all of our creativity God is using us as His masterpiece, but it is us that must learn to communicate through great divinity. We have the freedom to create because He gave it to us. We can’t sit and hope, it’s about the grind and the hustle working in faith as we keep going and never giving up. It’s about building that industrial genius just like the Eiffel Tower or the statue of Liberty. The Eiffel tower now symbolizes love and Lady Liberty holds the torch to freedom. Liberty means the freedom or power to do, think, speak, or choose as one pleases. We live in a world where many want to take that away from us, making us believe we are just surviving instead of living. She symbolizes the battle from strife to strength. I don’t know what life was like back then, but I can see how her son captured all of her glory from the pain.

Composer: Whitesand (Martynas Lau)

Year: 2020

Title: The Sun Is Rising

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